Personality in the city live broadcast

【Personality in the street live broadcasting】

■ Top secret
(Yoshimoto Creative Agency affiliation)

"Masaji" (left) with a certificate of cookiper and a certificate of deep-fried nost (left) and "Tomo" (right), which is heavily involved in boxing (6 years of age!) And break dance, is on December 2010 It is a combination formed in.

I have a premonition of the measure soon, attention

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Live broadcast inside the city "Komagawa HOT NA"

Yoshimoto creative agency and Komagawa shopping district set up tags, "second top secret" of personality of second generation is interesting shopping arcade event information, store recommended items and special sale information from the arcade in real time Funny twice a month, live broadcast I am sending in.

※ Next time will be held on Saturday, July 28th.