Okomagawa Festival Day 1 "Bon Odori Tournament"

【Komagawa Festival Day 1】

Sunday, July 22 (Sunday) around 19: 00 ~ 21: 30

Bon dancing competitions and wrestling are held simultaneously.

Bon Festival Tournament

Establish a special tower on the south side of the shopping street (Nishinaka station side).

This year also the Izutsutan Koishimaru Association to the Komagawa Festival Ongaku, Kawauchi Ondo,
Jeju Onda and other sounds are taken.

And this year we will have a special participation in Osaka Amagi
There is also "Awa Odori".

I can participate in dancing as well.

On Sunday 22nd we will go to the Komagawa shopping street with a yukata GO! !

※ The image is the state of the Bon Odori Tournament of last year.

I will inform you about the information of "wrestling" again.

Please look forward to it! !