Komagawa Festival Day 1 "Komagawa Wrestling"

【Komagawa Festival Day 1】 part 2

Sunday, July 22 (Sunday) around 19: 00 ~ 21: 30

Bon dancing competitions and wrestling are held simultaneously.

■ Komagawa Wrestling

Wrestling in shopping district

Set up a special ring on the north side of the shopping street (Komagawa Nakano station on the subway).

Under the cooperation of Japan Wrestling 2000
Professional wrestlers gather with Ajakong as the lead! !

Pro wrestling, a long time ago in the golden time of the TV
You did it.

Please enjoy the presence of youth "pro wrestling".

Opening at 18:30 at 19:00 Start watching free! !

On 22nd (Sun)

Bon dancing competitions are good, professional wrestling is good,

Go to Komagawa shopping street GO! !