Okomagawa Festival Day 2 "Komagawa Night Shop"

【Komagawa Festival Day 2】

Tuesday, July 24 (Tue) around 15: 00-20: 00

■ Komagawa night store

The whole under the arcade is on a stall

As usual Tuesday there are many shops on regular holiday ...

It will be 39 years Only for this day once a year
Shopkeepers such as a butcher, a grocery store, a fish store, a cloth shop and a shoe store
With a feeling of daily gratitude put forward, I will work hard on my vacation! !

Goldfish scooping, yo-yo hanging, shooting, covering,
Yakitori, shaved ice, Frankfurt, etc. · · ·.
It is a surprisingly large service price.

On 24th (Tuesday) only the shopping district
Go to 'Komagawa night store' full of humanity GO! !